Red Horseshoe Books

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The Woman, and the Horse, behind Red Horseshoe Books

My name is Barbara Lee. For years, I worked in publication design at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, but in 1990, I started my own business, DesignSmith Visual Communications. I focused on design and printing work for Engineering, Research, and Technology companies, but as more and more authors approached me to publish their books, I recognized a real need and started Red Horseshoe Books. Nothing speaks to solid craftsmanship, durability, and honest value better than a horseshoe. That’s how we build your book – nothing virtual about this process! (Oh, the color? I have a wonderful red Bay Mare named Kitty!) I look forward to publishing your book and watching it sell. Please get in touch by filling out the contact form. Let’s roll!

(My company name, the headlines, and the writing of this web site were done by Austin Church, an author friend of mine. I believe you should hire the best. You can find him at