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Cutting Frustration Out of Publishing

You’re in the process of writing a book, or you’ve just finished one. Finally having something to show for all that hard work feels good, but sharing the message or story that’s been rattling around your brain for years feels even better.

Now you need to find a way to print it, get it out on the market, and put it into your readers’ hands. You’ve thought about traditional publishing because those big names have a certain allure, a certain prestige and credibility.

Isn’t that what successful writers do?

The problem is that you can spend months waiting for one of them to reject your book. Even if they express interest, they will probably ask you to change important parts. You may have heard rumors about how they hijack your creative control then throw a pittance for an advance your way, but you had no idea that they would expect you to do all your own marketing and promoting and pay your own expenses on a book tour. They didn’t care at all about the book as you envision it or ask you what you wanted. Ask any new or emerging writer, and they’ll tell you the same thing: the rigmarole makes you cynical and consumes time, energy, and passion.

That’s where Red Horseshoe Books comes in. Keep reading to learn more about who we are and what we can do for you.

Self-publishing is for serious authors, not nobodies

Red Horseshoe Books is a self-publishing house for the serious author who has something special to say. We are reaching out to new and emerging authors who write on a variety of subjects, especially those well suited for a blog platform.

Self-publishing puts the reins in your hands. You retain creative control over and ownership of your ideas, your book, and your profits. You have to be involved in marketing your book regardless, so you may as well reap the benefits of your hard work. We’ll put you on the right track to market and promote your book effectively. To get you started, we recommend you go to and purchase her book, “Taking On Twitter”. She’s done the homework that will be very helpful to your book sales.

In a world of shoddy manufacturing and deceptive marketing ploys, good craftsmanship matters. We chose a horseshoe to help us communicate what’s important to us. Our objective is to deliver a product of solid value and place the rest of the tools that you need squarely into your hands. When you profit from your work, we have succeeded. We will design, publish, and produce your book with an attractive cover that will help pique curiosity and entice buyers. Perhaps people shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but they do. Let’s use that to your advantage.

We have structured our company to produce excellent books at a very competitive price. Red Horseshoe Books provides oversight so that your project keeps moving forward, yet of the several extra services we can offer to benefit your book, you decide which ones you will use as your budget and needs allow. We save you money and keep other people working by providing those services with no mark-up in price.

People ask us to put their books into print, but “publishing” means much more than that. Keep reading to find out what exactly we mean.