Red Horseshoe Books

Book Publishing and Design

What you get and How to Proceed

Each book is a custom job. No two books are alike unless they are encyclopedias, and even that’s just the cover! We design and publish your book, and then to boost your profit, we can recommend web site developers for your own website bookstore where you can sell your work.

Red Horseshoe Books offers the following:

Design & Layout

  • Interior page design
  • Cover design
  • Self-publishing
  • Editing, rewriting, or ghost writing
  • Illustration
  • Photography


We’ll discuss your ideas of how the book is to be used and based on that, offer advice about choices in paper, binding, printing, and number of books to print. Since we work with several printers, we’ll use the printer who best fits your needs: whether large books or small books, thousands or not so many, from one color to full color.

Website Development

We’ll show you how best to interact with your audience, build a following, and sell your books through your website bookstore, thus maximizing your profits.

We’ll recommend a good web developer so that the “back end” of your website pulls in sales from people who are using search engines to explore your book’s topic. For the “front end,” we’ll show you how to blog and use social media and networking resources to build a community of readers. Your book will be clearly displayed along with an easy purchase method. For a web site that functions well at an affordable price, we recommend, Tom Roth at, and Jonathan Potter at Check them out and see if one of them suits you. This is your hub of activity to attract your readers and sell your book. It has to work well.

Warehouse storage and fulfillment

We can recommend a couple of places who can warehouse and pick & ship your books as they are sold from your website. We help you develop a marketing strategy appropriate for your book and audience, and we will feature your book on the Red Horseshoe Books website with a link to your site. In other words, we’ve got your back.

Although we’re certified to sell books with Barnes & Noble, doing so doesn’t fit our model. That practice makes sense for large publishing companies because they print tens of thousands of books and blitz bookstores around the country with them, making it easy to stock over 700 Barnes & Noble stores. We recommend an initial run of 1000 to 3000, and after those sell, print more. We can show you how to list your book on Amazon if you would like to do that, but selling them on your web site is the most efficient, profitable way to go. You have to tell the public about your book anyway, so why not send them to your own site and keep the profit?

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