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Peggy Blevins has been writing poetry most of her life and had collected it on different pieces of paper. She had long wanted to publish those poems in her own book, and so finally, she got that accomplished! The Comfort of Words, A Book of Poems by Peggy Blevins. This book is also illustrated by Lee Bauman who’s becoming a favorite illustrator of ours! Peggy is on facebook if you’d like to ask about her book. Way to go Peggy!!








Ginny Baker published her book Go Jo! The Story of Jonah. Ginny tells the whole story of Jonah with witty rhyme that makes it captivating for children to read and in the end, she suggests, maybe God has a job for you too even if your name is not Jo! This book was beautifully illustrated by Lee Bauman. You can find her book at: and hit the tab Go Jo!






Dr. William D. Black was called by God into both medicine and missions work. He has spent his life doing an incredible amount of both and has found that very rewarding. He would love for you to also find God’s will for your life and to that end, he has written his third book, Abiding in God’s Will. It’s a great read as he takes you through how all of this has worked for him. You can contact Dr. Black on facebook to get a copy of this book. He has written two other books: Finding Strength in Weakness, and The Rage Within, which are available on Amazon.






This year, Judith Didier published her second book, Miss Lydia’s Book Club, and is working on her third.

Judy is just gifted at writing an interesting story line! This is her second book and she has return readers who want more than one copy. She thinks of interesting twists and turns for her story to take, but she does all of that with such a comfortable voice. Her third book is due to come out in 2019.

About the cover artist:

Carl Schultz discovered his talent early in life by drawing the boats in a bay near his home. His artwork has been shown in the New York Sheridan Manhattan for “Colors of the World” and in New Jersey at Watermark Gallery, Tom’s Christmas World, and Tuckerton Square. Carl relocated to Knoxville from New Jersey with his wife, Carolyn and five rescue dogs.

You can purchase her books from her web-site:



Allen Leath has always loved The Andy Griffith Show. Maybe since music is his forte, he decided to hunt down every single bit of music that was strummed, sung or even hummed on that show. It is all in here along with some of his favorite memorabilia. He titled the book appropriately, Mayberry Melodies. The cover design was done by Allen’s daughter, Amanda Leath Spears. This book is currently being reworked with an illustrator friend of Allen’s, so stay tuned for the latest version of this incredible book!

In the mean-time, you can get a copy of the current version at Allen’s web site:





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Mary Hunt had a slow discouraging start but she was delighted to see what she could accomplish as she stuck it out and kept on going. She also had some surprises along the way! She wrote her book Slow Down and Listen….. A Personal Glimpse of My Life that Proves How a Backward, Uneducated and Naive Woman Can Do Anything with God’s Help  to encourage you that you can do the same. Be inspired by Mary’s story of success against the odds. The cover of Mary’s book is a painting done by E.D. Braid of her family’s farm.

You can purchase her book by emailing her:





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Dargie Arwood works with a class of special needs people to inspire them to do all they can do and to reach even higher. She wondered if she could lead them to interact with her to write a story and maybe even publish it. So, she started the process and as they gave her their ideas, she wrote them down and to her delight, the story went on and on until they really had written enough for a book!

Jessica Cappell did the illustrations and Dargie water colored them. At the end of their work, they had produced Ella the Dog. You will be surprised to see where all they went with their story, making it an endearing book for many different groups of people. What a dream! Dargie and The Arc of Anderson County, you should be so proud! People and groups are contacting them from all over for copies of Ella the Dog.

You can purchase the book by emailing them at:



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Pastor Dennis Sharp’s ministry has spanned over 40 years and has included service as: a lay-witness missionary, an evangelist/itinerant preacher, youth pastor, singer/songwriter/bass player, leader of the contemporary worship band, “Reconciled”, short-term missionary, teacher, writer and most recently (since 2001) as a church planter/pastor and marriage counselor.

How Do We Make Love Stay? We build the house on the rock, which is Christ, and His Words. The storms of life will come, so the house we call “marriage” must be well built on a deep dug foundation. This book is written in defense of biblically defined marriage and attempts to lay out the “blueprint” for building and maintaining a joy-filled, God honoring marriage.

Pastor Dennis and Terri Sharp have been holding very successful marriage seminars for years and now, their proven method is in print for you to own.

You may contact Pastor Dennis for his book at:



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After her first book Take A Walk With Me, Alberta Roderick was asked to write a monthly article for a small community paper.  This was an opportunity to continue to express her views of the human condition of the world and its relationship with God.  Encouraged by friends and recently retired from her management job of 38 years, she decided to take the plunge and put all of these articles into her second book, the Tree House.

Just like the first she incorporates her tree house and nature in her poems.  “I wanted to leave something for my grandchildren someday”, she said.  “I have three grandsons who love to draw and I wanted to give them something to contribute to, so I asked them to help with the illustrations.  Someday they will look back and realize that no matter how small the talent, it can always be used.”

“Anyone who takes the time to look around can see the moral decline in our country. We are losing touch with the importance of a strong family, but most importantly with God. We have a social responsibility to help the helpless and to reach out to those who are hurting and need ‘hope’. Every day someone we know is quietly hurting with some type of personal pain and needs the encouragement that there is a God who is powerful and can do all things. We are the messengers of the ‘hope’ they are searching for.”

You may contact Mrs. Roderick for her book at

She will soon have her web site up at:



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Denise Hill is the founding director of Branches of Monroe County, Inc.   Branches  provides survivors of domestic violence emergency shelter at Branches Refuge and a transitional living program at Branches Oaks.  It is a faith-based, public charity that has been answering the calls of women and children in crises since 2009.  A self-described “thriver” of domestic violence, Denise has teamed up with human resources professional, Trish Bossard and Barbara Killion, a former therapeutic foster care provider to write this book, Why Just Survive When You Can Thrive? Three Steps Forward. Together they share the experiences and techniques that have proven successful in helping displaced women find hope and a new beginning.

The printing of Why Just Survive When You Can Thrive? was funded by a grant generously awarded by The Women’s Fund of East Tennessee.

The wonderful illustrations throughout this book were done by Linda Boswell. They add so much to the encouragement and you will identify with the expressions on their faces as they learn and persevere in order to move forward!

To learn more about Branches and to purchase the book, visit https//




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Shirley Wittman’s late husband wrote a book to their grandson, Papaw John’s Memories. There were things John Wittman wanted his grandson to know and he knew he wouldn’t be here to tell him. He told him stories about his life, growing up in a time that his grandson could never know. He told him how things were from his perspective. He told him things he just wanted him to know. Since John would not be here for the important times in his grandson’s life, he did the next best thing – he wrote a book – just for him, and John’s wife Shirley published six copies!

Each book we publish is totally unique – different reasons for writing, different audiences, and they are all worthy of consideration and a thoughtful conversation. Thank you Shirley Wittman for publishing this book for your grandson. What a treasure he has because you did.


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Kerry Moss, author of His Other Wonderful Priceless Present, has written a 15 minute read that is a masterpiece. A grandson just starting his life is learning from his grandfather a principle so valuable, it almost takes him a lifetime to get it. This beautiful hardback book is simply delightful.

For a copy, email:





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Steve Gibbs, author of Behind the Blue Line: Protecting Our Nuclear Weapons Complex, My History in Oak Ridge from Guard to Senior Management, hired in with Union Carbide in 1978 as a security guard at the Y-12 Plant and worked there until November 2012 when he retired as the Deputy General Manager of Operations for Wackenhut Services, Inc., the protective force contractor for the Department of Energy facilities in Oak Ridge. In his nearly 35 years there, he was part of a security force that moved from a basic guard force to a professional paramilitary operation. During his career, the title guard changed to security inspector and then to security police officer. This book is the story of those years and that transition. Before publication, the text was reviewed by the Department of Energy Office of Classification in Germantown, Maryland, and the Y-12 National Nuclear Security Administration Classification Office in Oak Ridge. Through this book, Steve hopes to impress on the reader just how highly trained and skilled the protective force members who work at the four Oak Ridge sites are. The July 28, 2012, security breach that led to wholesale criticism of security in Oak Ridge in no way depicts the real protective force and its capabilities. Each of us can rest easy knowing the nuclear facilities in Oak Ridge are protected. “Trust me.” You may contact Steve Gibbs for a copy of his book at


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Nieli Langer, author of Nieli and Oded’s Traveling Medicine Show, and her family have an incredible story beginning with the Holocaust and moving all over the world as they grew in number, in knowledge and influence. They have lived in 17 different places – so far! Nieli wanted their story to be preserved for her children and grandchildren, so she wrote it and included many photos. You can often find your family names, places and dates, but stories and pictures are hard to come by. How many photos reside on technology that becomes out-dated and the photos lost? Congratulations Nieli for a family’s story remembered in a book that will live for many generations. They will be so grateful you did this!



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Chris Shumate, author of Fishing Promises, is a children’s storyteller, and he has a passion for his children and others to learn the truth of God’s Word. He draws analogies to make the message very clear in their language. He doesn’t intend for this truth to be lost. Chris’s book was illustrated by Doug Kimball. Doug’s illustrations put you right at the scene of Chris’s narrative. His characters’ faces bring life to the story so you can’t fail to see what is happening and how everyone feels. Chris and Doug were an amazing team in this work for your children.

You can find Fishing Promises at


Didier bookJudith Didier (Did-e-a), has just published her first novel, A Week in the Country, and she writes about an area and a lifestyle that are very familiar to her.

She has been a constant reader of novels her whole life, so at one point, she thought, “I think I could write my own story”. She had thought about the basic storyline many years ago, but laid it down due to a very busy life. After retiring, she picked it back up and started writing. She included some of her personal life experiences: single mom, life in the country, love of cats, and fiddle playing. In the story, a couple of the characters were not what they seemed as one of them who seemed perfect, in fact had some serious flaws, and another who seemed not at all likeable turned out to be just the opposite. The country life looked perfect at first, but the characters had challenges just like everyone else. Still, Judith shows that maybe the simple life can be more rewarding than having it all.

Judith became quite attached to the characters and the plot and didn’t want the story to end, but of course it did, and now she shares it with you at

Photo of book reduced
Gary Harmon, author of My Daddy Takes His Legs Off.

As Gary Harmon was developing in his mother’s womb, “amniotic banding” occurred. I had never heard of that, have you? There are strips of the inner amniotic sack that get wrapped around the developing baby’s extremities, cutting off circulation and causing that part to atrophy. When this happens, the baby often loses its hands and/or feet. Gary lost his feet to this condition and the lower part of his right arm. He has his left hand, but it only has a thumb and a little finger. So that’s how Gary Harmon entered this world. He had a tough time of it as a child as I’m sure you can imagine, but he helped in the process of making prosthetics that would give him feet, and he can do almost anything you can with his arm and a half! Gary has a wonderful lively family as you will read about in his book, and he’s been a teacher in Knox County, TN for over 25 years. All was going well until Gary encountered his daughter’s elementary school friends, or maybe it was when they encountered Gary!! You’ll enjoy reading the book to see how they fixed the problem, and your family and friends will be enlightened by the life of Gary Harmon. Gary is also an inspiring and entertaining speaker. You can contact him at to engage him to speak at your event, or to purchase his book!


Bonnie J. Lee, author of Journaling Through Pain into Healing, Repairing a Marriage God’s Way

When broadsided by an explosion in her life and marriage, Jennie turned to God and her journal to keep her steady. She hung on through all the turbulence knowing that God’s Word was true and she could depend on Him. She sung hymns to herself, quoted scripture to remind herself of what she was standing on, and she wrote down all the details because frankly, an understanding ear was hard to come by. You’ll want to read how Jennie’s faith in God, and her journal helped give her an outcome she would never have otherwise had. You can purchase Bonnie’s book and schedule her to speak at your event by e-mailing her at: Bonnie J. Lee


Red Horseshoe Books

Coach Terry Shea, author of EYES UP

My love for football and coaching has transcended five decades. During this time I was privileged to have worked alongside some unique coaches – Bill Walsh, Dick Vermeil, Bruce Snyder, John Robinson, George Seifert, and Marty Shottenheimer. During this time I recorded scores of notes on Leadership, Motivation and Quarterback Development. This collective experience is the driving force behind Eyes Up. I discovered what I treasure and have found a way with my book Eyes Up to share it with the football world.

EYES UP can be purchased at


Ron Manning, author of If My People… History Makers Through Prayer

If My People… History Makers Through Prayer was written to encourage every follower of Jesus Christ to come to the realization that their prayers truly do make a difference in how events and circumstances play out in their lives. Our prayers really can change history! Jesus changed history and so can YOU!

If My People… History Makers Through Prayer can be purchased at


Mike Roberts, author of You Can’t Steal Second Base and Keep Your Foot on First!

“Brian Roberts is one of the game’s best base stealers, and his dad is one of baseball’s best teachers. Their new book is the best I’ve ever read on base stealing.”

Tim Kirkjian, Senior Writer, ESPN the Magazine, and baseball analyst on ESPN TV

You Can’t Steal Second Base and Keep Your Foot on First! can be purchased at at or at Also, do yourself a favor and go to and watch a video of Brian stealing base after base!!




Dennis photo for back

Terri and I had been doing the marriage enrichment seminar for 15 years before we ever wrote the book. We had put together a notebook on our own, and we always talked about writing the book, but we just couldn’t pull the trigger. People had asked us for a book for years, but we didn’t know how or what to do. After we both survived major heart attacks we became more motivated to get the book written, but we still weren’t sure how to proceed. I cannot overstate how blessed we were to have Bobbi walk us through the process. Without her help, I am convinced that the book would still not be written. Bobbi has the ability to encourage a writer, maybe even push a writer a little, without nagging. I highly recommend her company if you are contemplating a writing project.

Dennis Sharp




After spending a little over two years writing my book, Behind the Blue Line: Protecting our Nuclear Weapons Complex, I contacted Barbara Lee at Red Horseshoe Books in Powell, Tennessee in hopes of publishing my book. She quickly accepted and began to help me through the journey of self-publishing. She was always responsive and timely to any question or issue I may have. I was satisfied with her work, especially the placing of pictures throughout the book and the book cover design which was excellent. I appreciate all Barbara did in helping me deliver a book which I hope will give the reader some history of nuclear security in protecting the critical and important nuclear assets in Oak Ridge, Tennessee.

Steve Gibbs



Langer, Nieli 72

It is not possible to ‘dream the impossible dream’ if you don’t have someone who is there to help you realize it. You were there for me in the vision and execution of my book, Nieli and Oded‘s Traveling Medicine Show published in May, 2015. Our collaboration on the book was for me a labor of love because of your insight, attention to detail and availability for the slightest question or clarification; I cannot thank you enough.    Nieli Langer

This was Nieli’s phone message to me upon the arrival of her books:

Hi Bobbi. I just called to announce the birth of Nieli and Oded’s Traveling Medicine Show. Oded and I are so overcome, we don’t know whether to laugh or cry. You outdid yourself. It is a beautiful production and thank you very very much for all your efforts. It was worth all the chaos before you came into our lives just to get you to do the book. Thank you again.


Shumate photo crp

Bobbi Lee of Red Horseshoe Books is a fantastic business partner. I worked with her for nearly a year on my personal project, a children’s book I wrote for my son. She worked diligently with me in the early stages to set up my story, developing it into what it became. She helped me make my project greater than I could have imagined. She wants to produce a product that is exceptional to the standards of any author. She is a problem solver. When I ran into problems finding an illustrator for my book, she put me in contact with Douglas Kimball, who is an exceptional illustrator. I will gladly use him again when I have another project come.

Any other time I ran into a problem she took it upon herself to help me resolve it quickly and effectively. I am grateful for the business partner I have in Bobbi Lee. Red Horseshoe Books is much more than a book designer and publishing assistant. Red Horseshoe Books is a strategic partner. Chris Shumate


Didier photo“I recently published my first book through Barbara (Bobbi) Lee at Red Horseshoe Books. I had written a novel just for my own pleasure, and wanted to have a few copies printed, thinking there was no way it would ever be accepted by a major publisher. After doing a quick search for a book publisher in Knoxville, I luckily ran across Bobbi’s website. She immediately answered my e-mail inquiry and assured me we could publish the book. I would never have attempted this process without her guidance. She made it all seem effortless, and I was amazed at her knowledge. Bobbi responds quickly to all requests and questions. Immediately after meeting with her, I knew she was the perfect person for me to work with. She is smart, dedicated, and most of all, honest. Thank you Bobbi!”  Judith Didier


Harmon, Gary

“I knew when I decided to “self-publish” my children’s book that I wanted to work with someone local. I knew this would be a process, and I would need someone local to see me through it.  I found Red Horseshoe Books online, and I decided to fill out the form and see what happened.  I got a response very quickly that night; we talked about my book, and I knew instantly, this would be my publisher.

Barbara Lee took an immediate interest in my book; saw its potential, and began advising me and guiding me from the start.  She clearly believes in the books she publishes, and guides authors through the process much like grandparents guide young parents. She became more than a publisher, she became a part of the family.  If I had to do all this again, I would still choose Red Horseshoe Books without hesitation.” Gary Harmon


“Red Horseshoe Books was the invaluable source and driving force that got this book published. My gratitude is unable to be measured. Truly, they are a gift from the Lord.” Bonnie J. Lee


Red Horseshoe Books“A special thank you to publisher Bobbi Lee with Red Horseshoe Books for editing, designing, and shepherding this project – providing me with the support and solutions when I was facing third down and long so many times. Bobbi has been a problem solver and inspiration to me throughout my writing endeavors.”
Coach Terry Shea


Ron Manning“I would highly recommend Bobbi Lee and Red Horseshoe Books for your next book project. From first to last, Bobbi’s innovation and creativity are second to none. She saved me tons of money and the final product looked like it had been done at a large high-priced publishing company. Bobbi is a great communicator, excellent at what she does and is tenacious to create a product that is second to none. Red Horseshoe Books is the best value in America. You won’t regret your decision to use her for your book; I didn’t!”
Ron Manning


“Publishing my book has been the most enjoyable project I have ever worked on. If I were going to publish a book, I wouldn’t go anywhere else but to Bobbi Lee.”
Coach Mike Roberts


I was incredibly pleased with my experience working with you to help me with ideas for my book, some editing, and a great deal of designing of pages and front/back cover, and finding an excellent printer. Now, I know even more how fortunate I was to work with you.

About a year ago, I had a publisher from Chicago approach me to write another book that has similar content but expound in different areas, add more pictures and diagrams, etc. I agreed to their terms and signed a contract. The experience has been very different, not nearly as positive, little assistance throughout the process where you were readily available, and unless sales reach a very high number the publisher makes close to eighty percent of the profits.  I had a good understanding of the financial aspect going in but the lack of interest and help has been disappointing.

You have such a passion for designing and helping an author make important decisions. A passion in a person’s work is critical to being successful.  It is the #1 ingredient in what I look for in a person I want to partner with in a project.

After passion, I want someone who is talented and professional. You are certainly talented with your design work and know how to pull together excellent publications. You are extremely professional in all communications and with helping the author make other contacts to facilitate marketing, etc.  After the book is on the market, you stay in touch and continue to support. That is what a quality business partner should do if they want to continue the relationship and promote future business.

I hope many potential authors are lining up at your door.  They will have a first class experience and definitely improve the financial aspect of their endeavor.

Best Wishes,

Thomas Michael (Mike) Roberts