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MEMOIRS, can they work? Some say they won’t sell. Several writers have told me, “my story is horrible; everyone will want to read it!” Are you sure? I’m not sure I do. Your story has to be relevant; otherwise, it’s like watching home movies and only your family wants to do that. Your life-story can be a bridge to add to understanding your time in history, or it can be relevant for others experiencing similar things as you. You could think of other ways but it’s your job to show why your story matters and your secondary title tells why your readers very much want to read your memoir! Go for it!


How do I get this book written?

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How do I get this book written?? Get somewhere quiet & focus on the big picture. On a Word document, make a list of the things you want to include. Put them in logical order. Those are your working chapter heads. When something comes to mind, write it into that chapter so you dont have to keep going & thinking of everything in order. You can make this one continuous document or a separate one for each chapter. If you think of more chapters, add them to the list. Continue adding detail to each chapter until you get it pretty much done. Now find a good editor to work with so you will have smooth story flow & clear character development. You know what you meant to say; they see what you actually said! Even as you work together, you will be adding more detail until you have a great book!

Your message – the real value

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There is a gold kernel that is your message regardless of your writing skill. You have something to say that matters. I learned in Deaf studies that to interpret a message, you listen to it as spoken from one culture and language, you remember the kernel of information and then interpret it into the other culture, in their language. You hold onto the kernel of information so the message stays the same. Of course there are several things about your writing that can detract from your message like: badly arranged sentences, story sequences that are hard to follow, grammatical errors and typos. That’s why you need an editor. Even a professional writer works with an editor, but perfect writing does not trump the original message. An editor’s job is to help you write your message well so your readers do not fail to get what you said.  It is not their job to change or diminish what you said.

To add to the value of your “gold kernel”, the favorite thing for Internet search engines is “original content”. There is so much information copied and repeated and fewer people writing their own thoughts. Information gets recycled over and over, but the ears of the Internet and the people on it perk up when we hear something new, and we value that.

Writing done well is so valuable, but nothing replaces the message itself.


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My daughter is taking French this year. She and her sister took Spanish in High School. I just learned that Thomas Jefferson learned Greek, Latin and French when he was very young. Why all the study of languages? Because we all learn valuable things all the time and language is the way to pass on that valuable information. It’s really interesting how different the languages are, how they were developed and how they describe things differently. Have you learned something during your life that people would benefit from knowing? No one else has lived your life; you’re the only one who knows what you know. Think about writing it down and passing it on!!

You GO RGIII !!!

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You GO RGIII and Morris!! (Great training Terry Shea! –

Read the article. It says it all – except maybe that Terry Shea’s trainees continue to amaze us all!

“The Best QB Book Ever Written!”

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Well written books are one way to make a difference in this world, and Coach Terry Shea’s EYES UP is certainly doing that. His book sales are up and he’s receiving glowing e-mails from his readers. If you have a Quarterback, their dad or their coach on your Christmas list, they would greatly benefit from this amazing work by Coach Terry Shea. He has trained and is still training the best Quarterbacks in the country, and he has poured it all into this volume. The book can be purchased at

This quote was taken from his web site:

Email from a 7th grade Quarterback:

“I wanted to let you know “EYES UP” came today and the book is immaculate as Joe Dickinson told us, the best QB book ever written.”

Roll up the carpet!

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Maybe you’ve heard about the benefits of playing Mozart’s music. It can change your molecular make up! You can think better. You are more creative, just because of the particular arrangement up of his kind of music. There have been many articles written about it. I chose one, but you can find others.

I would also suggest that taking a day out of the stew of life in this world to enjoy your family and friends, have a holiday and be thankful, will do much to improve your health, your outlook, and your hope.  Remember Scrooge’s employer Fezziwig, in The Christmas Carol? He looked up at the clock, and said stop the work boys! Roll up the carpet! Stack up the chairs! It’s time for a party!! And in came the fiddle players, the visitors, and his wife with the food! He’s one of my favorite characters of all time because he is so kind and he has great values. People matter, and we have to take a break and nourish our spirits, and be encouraged!

So roll up the carpet, stack up the chairs, and have a Wonderful Thanksgiving this year!!

How much does it cost?

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Okay, let’s just go there, and feel free to comment. How much does it cost to publish a book? My best answer is, it’s like buying a car. A few years ago, a friend of mine would go to a dealership and say, I’ve got $1500. What can you sell me? And he would usually leave with some kind of car. But then we all know there is the other end of the spectrum! There are so many choices to make along the way with binding, paper, quantity; and all of that is a part of your strategy. Who is your reader? How will the book be used? What kind of wear will it get? For example a cookbook needs to lie flat on the counter – so a spiral binding has a purpose, and it would be a good idea to have a plastic laminate to protect the surface of the cover from spills. Will your book be read a few times like a novel, or will it be used as a reference book – opened many, many times? Those kinds of questions help you to determine the materials and methods used to produce your book. Quantity is a consideration too. The price of each book goes down pretty drastically as the quantity goes up, because on the front end are the set up charges. Increase in quantity is just the cost of additional paper. So more quantity, less cost each, more profit each. So if the objective in buying a car is to get into a protected vehicle, with your luggage, and be taken somewhere without pedaling, then you will expect to spend thousands, not hundreds. If you want to spend hundreds, you get a bicycle, and they are wonderful – they just don’t do the same job as a car. So the comparison is with Print on Demand. If the objective is to “be a published author” even though there is no book unless someone orders it, and if there is no publishing budget, then that’s the way to go. The price of each book is higher, and the quality has to be lower because of the process used to produce one book at a time. Like I said, there are lots of choices, and that’s a good thing!

Bringing Out the Treasure

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The struggle we are enduring as a nation and indeed as a world is causing people to bring out the treasure! They are dusting it off and bringing it out of attics and turning it into wealth in many different ways. It’s been there all along, but now it is being brought out.

Writers are also bringing out the treasure they have had stored for decades! Ron Manning sat in his car every day at lunch asking God for answers as his sister fought cancer. He wrote in a journal the deep understanding he was gaining as he studied and prayed. Several years later, he put all of that into a book called “If My People, History Makers Through Prayer.” It’s a treasure.

Mike Roberts stood on a baseball diamond in his late teens and realized that it was very clear when the base was open for stealing. He continued to hone that skill until he had detailed understanding of what happened with each man on the field and how that affected his opportunity to steal the base.  He coached baseball for North Carolina at Chapel Hill but at the same time, he was teaching that skill to his son Brian. Brian went on to be the all-star Second Baseman of the Baltimore Orioles, and one of the top base stealers in the American League. And then Coach Roberts wrote a book to tell the world what he had discovered. “You Can’t Steal Second Base and Keep Your Foot on First.” This is one of the most inspiring books I’ve ever read, because it’s a story of intentional living – getting there on purpose. It’s a treasure.

In 1968 Terry Shea started training and coaching men to play the toughest position in football – quarterback. He has gone on through the decades to coach the top picks, and all the time he was taking notes and pictures and storing up treasure. He was organizing every detail of the exact way to hit the mark and be the best. And now he has written a book to share his method, “EYES UP, Coaching the Men with the Nerve to Play the Most Challenging Position in Football”. Terry is a genius on the field, and that’s why his quarterbacks are always on top. He wrote this 442-page book with a sharpie just like he had taught on the white boards! But now it’s leather-bound, 54 charts and illustrations, 63 photographs to completely tell his story, and it’s a treasure.

Miller Lyons has been writing poetry all his life and storing it up as a treasure. He’s getting ready to publish those poems in an “Appalachian Musings Trilogy”. Pay attention to this site for the delivery of that latest book!

Do you have hidden treasure?

An infinite number of insights

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We are all figuring things out and learning all the time. We see patterns, we try things and find the way that works better. We have an opinion from our life experience. Shared, all that grows. I just needed to make “steel” for a book cover I’m working on. Someone had figured out how to do it and had written down what they learned. So because of their effort and the recording of it, I didn’t have to “reinvent the wheel”. There is an infinite number of insights that can be added to the body of knowledge when you write. What you’ve learned matters to the rest of us.