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Roll up the carpet!

Sunday, November 18th, 2012 | Uncategorized | No Comments

Maybe you’ve heard about the benefits of playing Mozart’s music. It can change your molecular make up! You can think better. You are more creative, just because of the particular arrangement up of his kind of music. There have been many articles written about it. I chose one, but you can find others.

I would also suggest that taking a day out of the stew of life in this world to enjoy your family and friends, have a holiday and be thankful, will do much to improve your health, your outlook, and your hope.  Remember Scrooge’s employer Fezziwig, in The Christmas Carol? He looked up at the clock, and said stop the work boys! Roll up the carpet! Stack up the chairs! It’s time for a party!! And in came the fiddle players, the visitors, and his wife with the food! He’s one of my favorite characters of all time because he is so kind and he has great values. People matter, and we have to take a break and nourish our spirits, and be encouraged!

So roll up the carpet, stack up the chairs, and have a Wonderful Thanksgiving this year!!

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