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How much does it cost?

Sunday, August 5th, 2012 | Uncategorized | No Comments

Okay, let’s just go there, and feel free to comment. How much does it cost to publish a book? My best answer is, it’s like buying a car. A few years ago, a friend of mine would go to a dealership and say, I’ve got $1500. What can you sell me? And he would usually leave with some kind of car. But then we all know there is the other end of the spectrum! There are so many choices to make along the way with binding, paper, quantity; and all of that is a part of your strategy. Who is your reader? How will the book be used? What kind of wear will it get? For example a cookbook needs to lie flat on the counter – so a spiral binding has a purpose, and it would be a good idea to have a plastic laminate to protect the surface of the cover from spills. Will your book be read a few times like a novel, or will it be used as a reference book – opened many, many times? Those kinds of questions help you to determine the materials and methods used to produce your book. Quantity is a consideration too. The price of each book goes down pretty drastically as the quantity goes up, because on the front end are the set up charges. Increase in quantity is just the cost of additional paper. So more quantity, less cost each, more profit each. So if the objective in buying a car is to get into a protected vehicle, with your luggage, and be taken somewhere without pedaling, then you will expect to spend thousands, not hundreds. If you want to spend hundreds, you get a bicycle, and they are wonderful – they just don’t do the same job as a car. So the comparison is with Print on Demand. If the objective is to “be a published author” even though there is no book unless someone orders it, and if there is no publishing budget, then that’s the way to go. The price of each book is higher, and the quality has to be lower because of the process used to produce one book at a time. Like I said, there are lots of choices, and that’s a good thing!

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