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Your message – the real value

Monday, February 2nd, 2015 | Uncategorized | No Comments

There is a gold kernel that is your message regardless of your writing skill. You have something to say that matters. I learned in Deaf studies that to interpret a message, you listen to it as spoken from one culture and language, you remember the kernel of information and then interpret it into the other culture, in their language. You hold onto the kernel of information so the message stays the same. Of course there are several things about your writing that can detract from your message like: badly arranged sentences, story sequences that are hard to follow, grammatical errors and typos. That’s why you need an editor. Even a professional writer works with an editor, but perfect writing does not trump the original message. An editor’s job is to help you write your message well so your readers do not fail to get what you said.  It is not their job to change or diminish what you said.

To add to the value of your “gold kernel”, the favorite thing for Internet search engines is “original content”. There is so much information copied and repeated and fewer people writing their own thoughts. Information gets recycled over and over, but the ears of the Internet and the people on it perk up when we hear something new, and we value that.

Writing done well is so valuable, but nothing replaces the message itself.

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